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What is a tablet PC?

The development of advanced ‘reduced instruction set computer’ (RISC) CPUs by ARM architecture in Cambridge England, were based on the principle that simplified instructions produce enhanced performance; this made it possible to take the power of a personal computer and deliver similar functionalities on a device small enough to be truly portable... the Tablet PC was born.

The development of the Google Android operating system further enhances the capability of tablet PC’s, with a wide range of user applications now available, making it even more versatile than traditional desktop or laptop personal computers.

Does the StarPAD have speakers and a microphone?

Yes, the StarPAD 1.0 comes with speakers and a microphone as standard.

How many songs / videos can the StarPAD hold?

The 16GB version of the StarPAD will hold approximately 15 full-length films in standard definition and about half that in full length HD. The 32GB option will hold twice the amount of films, games and music. To maximize the StarPAD’s functionalities, you are advised to leave at least 10% spare capacity, for system resources.

Can I add more storage?

Yes, you can increase the StarPAD’s versatility by adding more storage.

Does the StarPAD have a USB port?

The StarPAD has a mini USB port, which can be utilised with an adapter to fit any full size USB connection.

What operating system does it run?

The StarPAD is supported by Google’s Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 operating systems.

How fast is the processor?

The StarPAD has a 1.5GHz processor.

Does the StarPAD have 3G?

Not all models in the StarPAD range come with 3G capabilities; check the specification before you place your order to ensure you select a model with 3G compatibility.

What size SIM does the StarPAD take?

The StarPAD takes a normal size mini-SIM card.

What are the wireless capabilities?

The StarPAD comes with WiFi with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol.

Can I use the StarPAD's WiFi abroad?

Yes, you can use the StarPAD when abroad.

What data networks does the StarPAD use?

The StarPAD is SIM unlocked, so you can use any network’s SIM card with a data plan. You can take the SIM card from your existing mobile phone, and insert it into the StarPAD, then use your existing data plan; so there’s no need to sign up to a new data contract with your network provider in order to use the StarPAD’s 3G capabilities.

What does the StarPAD ship with?

The StarPAD comes with a user manual, USB cable, earphones and A/C adapter.

What languages does the StarPAD support?

The StarPAD supports multiple languages including: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

Does the StarPAD come with apps pre-installed?

The StarPAD range ships with YouTube, UK Google Play market and many more applications pre-installed.

What instant messaging platforms can I use with my StarPAD?

The StarPAD range supports Facebook, MSN, GTALK, SKYPE video and voice calls.