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About Us

Here at Cambridge Sciences we are passionate about technology. We combine innovative design with leading tablet technologies that provide our customers with the tools to unlock the full potential of mobile connectivity.

In 2011 a team of experienced engineers established Cambridge Sciences, with the objective of designing and building quality electronic devices that would meet their own exacting high-standards. At Cambridge Sciences we develop reliable, versatile and efficient tools: digital solutions that combine both performance and functionality with affordability.

Our Tablet devices are aimed at the mid-market, delivering a number of enhanced features; with built in 3G capabilities, Bluetooth, as well as multi-platform compatibility, enabling users to run Office and Adobe Flash as standard. Our USB flash drives meet military grade encryption security levels, and our high-end processors ensure our devices operate at maximum efficiency.

At Cambridge Sciences we are proud to produce solutions that combine enhanced features with rapid performance; providing a superior mobile experience for our users by developing ultra portable mobile solutions that are cost efficient, without compromising on quality.